I love working with design and engineering teams to generate ideas, expand on existing ideas or to move a product along in its cycles.  These workshops are conducted as part of all phases of a product process and are part of my User Research and UX Strategy tool kit.

Experience Mapping

The Experience Mapping (also called Customer Journey Mapping) process enables teams to dig into the highs and lows of what the customer experiences today using a product or service.  It pinpoints areas of opportunity for improvement and innovation by identifying interactions before, during and after the use of a product where we can add value.



I have experience leading brainstorming sessions with design, engineering and client teams to produce new product, feature and customer experience solutions. The techniques I use bring together introverts and extroverts and produce actionable ideas for further exploration and development.

UX Strategy 

This broad term covers the other areas where my business and UX experience overlap to bring the focus of product development to the user.  The techniques used in these sessions include competitive analysis, benchmarking, use of the Business Model Canvas and numerous other customer-centric lenses for shaping business strategy.