Project Type:     Usability Research in a lab setting (Morae and Tobii Eye Tracking)

Task is a web platform that enables human resources departments to manage the process of screening applicants and to conduct video interviews with candidates remotely.  

The request from the client was to identify ways the product could be improved to facilitate:

  1. Increased sign-ups for free trials of the service
  2. Increased usage of the candidate screening survey functionality


I managed the client relationship (scheduling a kickoff meeting, and proposing a project plan for the research that would fit our agreed upon timeline),

I acted as accountant (oversaw budget for gratuities, parking reimbursement fund and supplies) and took the lead on gathering materials for the day of the study and room setup.


I worked on the recruiting of HR professionals by reaching out to my network. We used convenience sampling due to our small budget and got a total of 15 responses. We selected 8 participants (1 pilot, 5 participants and 2 back up participants).

I co-wrote the study plan and discussion guide with my 3 team members. 

Study Plan                Study Kit (Screener, Participant Communications)

The study was conducted with 6 users at the LUTE Lab at the University of Washington.  I personally conducted the pilot and one interview.  I also acted as Morae observer/note taker for two sessions and ran the Morae Moderator & Tobii Eye Tracking software for one session.

I was a lead on the analysis and coding for the pool of participant data, and led an affinity diagramming session with our research team to distill the data gathered into ranked actionable findings.


I wrote the majority of the report and was one of 2 people that presented the results to the client.

We reported on SUS scores, as well as general usability findings and made recommendations for improvements that targeted the business goals.  A detailed written report was provided to the client with severity rankings and recommendations.  An executive summary presentation was also delivered to the owner of the company in person. The report was received with many questions and we went through the video clips and report details - answering all questions about our recommendations. Because this was a consulting project only - we had no further work with the team on the implementation of our recommendations.

Findings Report

System Usability Scores